Amazing Moments of Pippi. Finance and Decentralized Club — Now and in the future, Pippi.Finance will not be absent!

  1. Swap. Exchange various Heco Tokens and provides liquidity for staked cryptos.
  2. Farm. User can get PIPI by providing liquidity, we have support more than 20 pairs and we are eager to find more finest projects to cooperate with.
  3. LockDrop Staking. Participate Pippi Finance Plan, users can enjoy the same APY income as the orignal Pippi Staking pool, and Auto-compound avaiable every hour to ensure the staking benefits
  4. PIPI Staking. We are allowed users stake PIPI to earn PIPI, and we also distribute xPIPI to PIPI staked users.
  5. xPIPI Pools. xPIPI is avaiable to re-stake and also to get airdrop from Pippi cooperation projects.
  6. NFT: Users can buy CryptoPunk on Pippi offcial website or Gpop NFT market of GameDAO. Also, it will be empowered new value in the future.
  • PIPI holders can swap PIPI for xPIPI at a 1:1 radio
  • PIPI is distrubuted proportionally at each block based on PIPI stakings
  • xPIPI can also be used to earn tokens from xPIPI Pools
  1. Pippi will create more application of profit making to benefit PIPI users. Like our current activity of PIPI buyback. Our team is planing the new products such as lottery and NFT etc.
  2. We will start V2 version once our SwapTVL and Trading volume achieved enough amount, Pippi will add the impermanent loss Insurance fuction to mining;
  3. Deep mining mode of xPIPI will come soon. We will bring more finest projects on Heco to establish a virtuous circle of SWAP platform. Users can enjoy a sufficient depth, convenient and fast trading place.



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Pippi Finance

Pippi Finance

Pippi Finance-the next evolution DeFi exchange on HECO.