Amazing Moments of Pippi. Finance and Decentralized Club — Now and in the future, Pippi.Finance will not be absent!

On 10 July, Decentralized Club invited Daniel, the CDO and CIO of Pippi Finance, to discuss what makes Pippi Finance different from other DEX projects as well as its future plan, therefore to have more users and fans to learn about Pippi Finance and participate and love using this project.

The followings are Q&A and enjoy

Question 1:Can you please berief-introduce about Pippi Finance, such as what does Pippi Finance do?

Pippi Finance is a DEX and Automatic Market-making Mechanism (AMM) project driven by the Heco, which allows everyone to exchange various Heco tokens efficiently and securely.

It is a friendly project for new users as it’s fast speed and lower trading fee. Our goal is provide best trading experience to our users.

We have 6 core functions at the moment:

  1. Swap. Exchange various Heco Tokens and provides liquidity for staked cryptos.
  2. Farm. User can get PIPI by providing liquidity, we have support more than 20 pairs and we are eager to find more finest projects to cooperate with.
  3. LockDrop Staking. Participate Pippi Finance Plan, users can enjoy the same APY income as the orignal Pippi Staking pool, and Auto-compound avaiable every hour to ensure the staking benefits
  4. PIPI Staking. We are allowed users stake PIPI to earn PIPI, and we also distribute xPIPI to PIPI staked users.
  5. xPIPI Pools. xPIPI is avaiable to re-stake and also to get airdrop from Pippi cooperation projects.
  6. NFT: Users can buy CryptoPunk on Pippi offcial website or Gpop NFT market of GameDAO. Also, it will be empowered new value in the future.

Welcome us to check details here:

Question2:What is PIPI? Can you please give more details?

Sure, PIPI token is a governance token of the Pippi Finance platform. It will also capture the economic benefits of the protocol. There will be a maximum of 100 million PIPI tokens.

Here is PIPI Contract address:

Allow me to put some details one by one:

IDO: 8% (8,000,000)

FARMING:70% (70,000,000, Emission: 12.5 $PIPI per block)

AIRDROP TO Community: 2% (2,000,000)

Community Treasury: 20% (20,000,000, locked for 3 months)

Here is our locked address:

Besides PIPI, Users also can earn xPIPI now.

xPIPI contract address:

25% of PIPI emissions are distributed to PIPI stakers every block. Users can claim these rewards and re-invest them.

  • PIPI holders can swap PIPI for xPIPI at a 1:1 radio
  • PIPI is distrubuted proportionally at each block based on PIPI stakings
  • xPIPI can also be used to earn tokens from xPIPI Pools

We have provide new Function of LockDrop on PIPI staking pool recently, users participate lock can have higer PIPI profit and SleepPIPI extra!

Question3;Great! You mentioned LockDrop plan, can you provide more details? And what’s SleepPIPI?

Simply to say, users participate PIPI LockDrop plan is more flexibale, users can choose their lock period and receive different earnings.

Firstly, all locked PIPIs enjoy the same APY income and xPIPI as the orignal Pippi Staking pool and auto-compound is avaiable every hour to ensure the staking best benefits.

LockDrop Period Options:

1 Month/ 3 Months/ 6 Months

Staking PIPI:SleepPIPI rate:

1 Month: PIPI :SleepPIPI = 1:1

3 Months: PIPI :SleepPIPI = 1:1.1

6 Months: SleepPIPI = 1:1.23

System will stake SleepPIPI automatically to Pippi farm(10x) to ensure users benefis.

Question4:Compare to other platform, what are the advantages of Pippi Finance compared with other platforms, or what are the differences?

First of al, Our project goal is to create a complete ecosystem, so in terms of internal planning, on the one hand, we actively expand the product system. Currently, Exchange function, Farming, Staking single pledge, xPIPI Pool, NFT, LockDrop have been launched. Pippi Finance is friendly to more marinstream cryptos to staking, and we have fully product system to attrct more users to join us.

Also, the product infrastructure will be deepened. Unlike other AMM SWAP projects, Pippi V2 will add impermanent loss Insurance, which is simply to protect users from price fluctuations in the token market Tokens of the same value as when liquidity (LP) was provided at that time can still be withdrawn. In terms of external planning, we have been actively seeking cooperation. At present, we have received a strategic investment from TP Labs and Hoo. In the 10 days since the launch, we have successively cooperated with Pilot Protocol, LendHub, Mdex, BeeSwap, BigONE, Channels, Seaweed, GameDAO, and other project partners.

Cooperation has been reached, and the partner’s project tokens corresponding to liquidity mining (LP) and xPIPI’s airdrop pool have been launched. At present, we are also constantly contacting new project parties and trying more types of cooperation.

Secondly, Pippi Finance has advantages based on Heco. Heco’s transaction fees are very low. Compared with the high gas fee of Ethereum, Heco is almost free, and the speed of Heco is very fast, which is very beneficial to users and project parties; secondly, the development cost on the Heco chain is much lower than Ethereum, and the Heco side has given the entire Huobi ecosystem flow blessing and technology blessing. As a newer in Heco, we have win top 10 HECO Gold Medal Creators. I strongly believe we will create a better PIPPI future.

In addition, the more economical point is that our swap exchange fee is only 0.2%, while other projects are basically 0.3%. Especially for users with large exchange needs, using our platform is a more economical choice. I think if users do not know Pippi well, they can use this product as an entry point to get to know Pippi slowly. Of course, we hope that you can stay and experience more other modules and have fun together.

Question5:Can you tell us some info about the sercuity? Such as Pippi Finance has ever been audit? Is there any problem about the smart?

As Dex Project for trading, sercurity is most important thing for us. We have passed the Armor Labs audit detection. Please check our report here:

Armor Labs will do the audting process for Pippi Finance’s Product Planning to ensure the sercurity for all users.

Question6:Do you have the plan for buyback PIPI or burn PIPI? Do you have that kind of Plans?

Yes, we do. Pippi finance have done the weekly burn for balance the market value. For example, on the begining of the April, we have launced NFT, so we used 50% sales value from NFT to boughtback and burned PIPI.

Check the annoucement here:

PippiFarm also do the fixed burn, and publish it to our offcical SNS.

Pippi Finance also consider to buyback and burn PIPI, please stay tuned with us!

Question7:How’s the Pippi Fiance’s planing in the future? Is there any breaking and chanllenge?

  1. Pippi will create more application of profit making to benefit PIPI users. Like our current activity of PIPI buyback. Our team is planing the new products such as lottery and NFT etc.
  2. We will start V2 version once our SwapTVL and Trading volume achieved enough amount, Pippi will add the impermanent loss Insurance fuction to mining;
  3. Deep mining mode of xPIPI will come soon. We will bring more finest projects on Heco to establish a virtuous circle of SWAP platform. Users can enjoy a sufficient depth, convenient and fast trading place.

Question8:We are looking forward the PIPIs’ future! How can we know the PIPI news at the first time?

We have Telegram, Medium, Twitter and wechat. Please join us as follows:





· Pippi Website
· Pippi Finance Twitter and Telegram Channel (For the latest news)
· Pippi Finance Medium (For the latest articles)
· English Telegram Community: English and 中文
· Pippi Finance GitHub (For the full set of code)
· Pippi Finance WeChat: Lichenpp




Pippi Finance-the next evolution DeFi exchange on HECO.

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Pippi Finance

Pippi Finance

Pippi Finance-the next evolution DeFi exchange on HECO.

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